Qui bene saevit bene merit:
Who sows well, reaps well.


The digital revolution has opened access to international universities, but the application process remains complex and often confusing. UNITARGET is the compass for a guided orientation towards success. Starting with the first conversation we pave the way to the ideally matching degree course, from architecture to zoology, at the best universities worldwide.

Qui bene saevit bene merit: who sows well, reaps well. This is the family motto of Dr. Schmitt, a counsellor for college and university applications throughout the world for more than twelve years. Qui bene saevit bene merit is also the philosophy of UNITARGET.


  • Arnaud from Switzerland

    Two-time NCAA champion
    BSc Maths and Physics (2016), University of Colorado Boulder

    When I look back, I see the choices which led me to where I am now. And talking to Dr. Curt Schmitt, well, that definitely was the right choice...

  • Nicolas from Germany

    Founder of www.morninglory.com
    BA in Business Administration (2008), Universität St. Gallen
    MBA (2016), University of Chicago Booth School of Business

    I shall forever be grateful to Dr. Schmitt for helping me learn everything about business in two of the most rigorous and stimulating academic environments on both sides of the Atlantic.

  • Jacob from Germany

    BA Arts and Sciences (2019), University of Miami

    Thanks to its international experience and expertise UNITARGET helped me to find the perfect match. I am extremely happy with my decision and I could not feel better at any other university.

  • Elisaveta from Latvia

    BA in Communications (2015), New York University (NYU)

    Dr. Schmitt was very helpful in walking me through the application process, from the college essays to preparing for the standardized tests - and breaking down an otherwise intimidating process into clear, simple steps with precise deadlines.

  • Stephanie from France

    BA in Anthropology (2018), London School of Economics (LSE)

    I absolutely love my course and probably wouldn't have found it without Dr. Schmitt’s help – let alone get into LSE without his support.