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Gleb from Italy

Diploma in Architecture (2017), Architectural Association London (AA)

Getting into the right university is a first big step on a lifelong path. An important task for any high school students that carries tremendous responsibility. Dr. Schmitt helped and guided me from the first day I got into the IB diploma programme, giving me crucial advice and support. All of his help was very practical and useful, the result speaks for itself: With Dr. Schmitt’s guidance I have reached success and managed to get a place at the Architectural Association, the leading school of architecture in the world. The most important what Dr. Schmitt did was not simply doing the job by the protocol, but always taking an extra step, going an extra mile to help the students achieve their goals: he gave me connections, organized meetings and interviews with architects and other previously successful students, which in its turn shed light onto the professional world. Thanks to him I managed to acquire a vision and make the right decision in choosing career path in Architecture.
Apart from the professional side of things, he gave me a great deal of support, always clearing any unnecessary doubts, encouraging and motivating me throughout the two years of the IB. I highly recommend Curt Schmitt as a specialist in his area.

Antonio from Italy

BA in History (2018), University of Oxford

Dr. Schmitt didn’t merely prepare me for the notoriously tough Oxford application process, but rather taught how to argue my point better, as well as how to think quickly on my feet; which greatly benefitted me both in my sixth form courses and once at university. His contribution to my application process cannot be overstated, on both a motivational and practical level.

Yuliya from the Ukraine

BSc Business and Management (2014), King's College London
MSc Management, Organisations and Governance (2015), London School of Economics (LSE)

Throughout my application process, I appreciated Dr. Schmitt’s professional and resourceful approach. As my college counsellor, Dr. Schmitt provided precise and meaningful information, as well as thorough assistance to plan for the applications. Moreover, Dr. Schmitt guided my academic choices and ensured that the courses I selected suit my future intellectual and career goals. The trust built during the process, fostered through accurate and honest advice, helped me gain confidence in the outcome of my applications.

Stephanie from France

BA in Anthropology (2018), London School of Economics (LSE)

Choosing to study Anthropology was the best decision I’ve made - there are a number of things about the subject which you don’t realise until you start unpacking it. I want to thank Dr. Schmitt for recommending Anthropology to me. I absolutely love my course and probably wouldn’t have found it without his help – let alone get into LSE without his support.

Jan-Karl from Germany

MEng in Materials Science (2012), University of Oxford
MSc Business Administration&Engineering: Mechanical Engineering (2016), RWTH Aachen

Dr. Schmitt guided me through the intimidating application process at Oxford and prepared me very well for the many obstacles I faced before being admitted. He was especially helpful when it came to writing the personal statement and practicing for the interviews at Oxford, with the help of my science teachers (who had little experience with these interviews themselves!).

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  • Arnaud from Switzerland

    Two-time NCAA champion
    BSc Maths and Physics (2016), University of Colorado Boulder

    When I look back, I see the choices which led me to where I am now. And talking to Dr. Curt Schmitt, well, that definitely was the right choice...

  • Nicolas from Germany

    Founder of www.morninglory.com
    BA in Business Administration (2008), Universität St. Gallen
    MBA (2016), University of Chicago Booth School of Business

    I shall forever be grateful to Dr. Schmitt for helping me learn everything about business in two of the most rigorous and stimulating academic environments on both sides of the Atlantic.

  • Jacob from Germany

    BA Arts and Sciences (2019), University of Miami

    Thanks to its international experience and expertise UNITARGET helped me to find the perfect match. I am extremely happy with my decision and I could not feel better at any other university.

  • Elisaveta from Latvia

    BA in Communications (2015), New York University (NYU)

    Dr. Schmitt was very helpful in walking me through the application process, from the college essays to preparing for the standardized tests - and breaking down an otherwise intimidating process into clear, simple steps with precise deadlines.

  • Stephanie from France

    BA in Anthropology (2018), London School of Economics (LSE)

    I absolutely love my course and probably wouldn't have found it without Dr. Schmitt’s help – let alone get into LSE without his support.