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Alexandra from Germany

BA in International Development (2015), Vienna University
MSc in International Development and Management (2016), Lund University Sweden

Dr. Curt Schmitt was my history and politics teacher and his lectures inspired my future career path and the choice of a bachelor programme. After completing the Bachelor in International Development at Vienna University I was looking for a more specific master programme at a university in Europe with a good reputation. Since in my area individual motivation and enthusiasm for development issues are more important than previous grades, the focus of my application was very much based on the motivation letter I had to hand in. The support I received from Dr. Schmitt helped me to formulate a clear and very specific letter for a programme that only accepts around 30 students yearly. However, thanks to his help I got accepted at Lund University in Sweden for a highly competitive master’s programme in International Development and Management. I am sure that Dr. Schmitt’s knowledge and skills contributed a lot to this success and I am happy that he continues helping other young people with these very difficult life choices and supports them in achieving there goals.

Dominic from Germany

BSc in International Hospitality Management (2017), École Hôtelière de Lausanne

During my final year at boarding school, Dr. Curt Schmitt advised me in a wonderful and supporting way to prepare for different universities. Not only did he consider my personal strengths and skills but he also gave realistic future perspectives and advantages corresponding to those interests. Since I was interested in two completely different pathways, he was preparing me for admission at both universities in an exceptional way. With his wide and extensive experience from years of College Counselling, Curt Schmitt is a very skillful and professional counsellor when it comes to higher education. Here I think of all the meetings and coaching sessions that he offered to prepare myself in order to pass all kind of admission tests. Since my bachelor studies are almost completed, I would surely go back for his valuable advice in regards to master degrees. I recommend Curt Schmitt not only because of his professional advice but also because of his open, trustworthy and friendly personality. He definitely offers excellent preparation for the best universities in the world.

Franziska from Austria

BBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management (2014), Modul University Vienna
Masters in Management (2016), London Business School

During my final year in high school I had to face the difficult decision of what to study and more importantly where. Dr. Schmitt was incredibly valuable as he helped me figure out what I would like to do in my life. He not only advised me very well in terms of programmes and universities that best suited my interests and strengths, but he also acted as a guiding hand throughout the entire application process. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree I wanted to complete my master’s degree at a leading business school. Dr. Schmitt thoroughly went through all options I had. He gave me excellent guidance of which universities would act as the best foundation for an international career and went through my essays and CV several times. I am truly grateful for the support Dr. Schmitt gave me during the past years as he played a crucial role in achieving my academic and career goals.

Paul-Felix from Germany

BA in Film & Television Directing (2013), Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, Munich
MFA in Film Producing (2016), New York Film Academy, Los Angeles

In the final year of the IB, I was choosing where I would like to study Film & Television afterwards. Dr. Curt Schmitt gave me a detailed and thorough introduction to the German and UK universities and made the decision-making process a lot easier for me. What I appreciated most while working together was his constant support and dedication, every step of the way until I received the acceptance at my top choice university. He not only helped me with my first application but also with my second one, when I decided to do my MFA in Film Producing. Without his guidance I would have never found the right universites, but most of all I would have never completed the application successfully. In fact, I would have been lost.

Agnieszka from Poland

BSc in Architecture (2016), Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio, Switzerland

When I first started high school, I already knew that I wanted to study architecture in the future. I shared that thought with Dr. Schmitt and he helped me to choose the right subjects in my IB programme to best prepare for my application to universities. As almost every high school student I was not really sure what was best for me, so I applied to schools both in the UK and in Switzerland and was accepted to very good schools in both countries. All my applications to the schools were always supervised by Dr. Schmitt who checked my personal statements, helped me with finding references and was always very up to date with all that I had to do, even when I was getting lost with all the deadlines and the copious amounts of documents which were requested. Dr. Schmitt shared his personal contacts with me, so that I could ask experienced architects where they would go if they had a choice again. In the end I decided to stay in Switzerland and study at the Accademia di Archittetura di Mendrisio, which turned out to be the best choice for me. I enjoy my courses a lot, the professors here really know how to make us passionate about all that we do and I can really feel that I am making a progress as a person and as a future architect every day that I spend here. For that I am very thankful to my college counsellor who pushed me towards the right path and took the time to get to know every student as a person to know how to help them better to find themselves.

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  • Arnaud from Switzerland

    Two-time NCAA champion
    BSc Maths and Physics (2016), University of Colorado Boulder

    When I look back, I see the choices which led me to where I am now. And talking to Dr. Curt Schmitt, well, that definitely was the right choice...

  • Nicolas from Germany

    Founder of www.morninglory.com
    BA in Business Administration (2008), Universität St. Gallen
    MBA (2016), University of Chicago Booth School of Business

    I shall forever be grateful to Dr. Schmitt for helping me learn everything about business in two of the most rigorous and stimulating academic environments on both sides of the Atlantic.

  • Jacob from Germany

    BA Arts and Sciences (2019), University of Miami

    Thanks to its international experience and expertise UNITARGET helped me to find the perfect match. I am extremely happy with my decision and I could not feel better at any other university.

  • Elisaveta from Latvia

    BA in Communications (2015), New York University (NYU)

    Dr. Schmitt was very helpful in walking me through the application process, from the college essays to preparing for the standardized tests - and breaking down an otherwise intimidating process into clear, simple steps with precise deadlines.

  • Stephanie from France

    BA in Anthropology (2018), London School of Economics (LSE)

    I absolutely love my course and probably wouldn't have found it without Dr. Schmitt’s help – let alone get into LSE without his support.